May 19, 2021

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Announcing Fortune Connect, our new membership community

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Good morning. Today is a big day for Fortune. We are announcing the launch of...

Good morning.

Today is a big day for Fortune. We are announcing the launch of a new membership community—Fortune Connect—created for mid-career professionals who are on the executive track, rising fast, and leadership bound.

Why are we doing it?  Readers of this newsletter know that we believe business is changing… for the better. The change may not go as far as some would like, or as fast. But change is happening, driven by the demands of employees, customers, investors and the world at large. Society is making it clear that business has to do better, or risk losing its license to operate. And business leaders are responding.

Fortune Connect is designed to help the next generation of top leaders prepare for this change. We provide weekly programming aimed at allowing Fortune Connect fellows to interact with the leaders at the frontiers of business change, with a special focus on purpose-driven business, stakeholder capitalism and inclusive leadership.

At Fortune, we’ve worked to make business better since our founding 90 years ago. Our Most Powerful Women community, now two decades old, has helped increase diversity in the top ranks of business leaders. Our Best Companies to Work For franchise, also two decades old, has encouraged an increased focus on human capital. Our Change the World list and the related CEO Initiative, which was conceived at an historic meeting in Vatican City four years ago, have encouraged companies to use their superpowers to address the most pressing needs of society. Fortune Connect is the next step in the evolution of our purpose. If you are interested in learning more—for yourself or your executives—please go here, or shoot me a note.

Special thanks to our five inaugural Knowledge Partners for Fortune Connect: Accenture, Genpact, IBM, Salesforce and Workday.  These are all companies that care deeply about talent development, and we welcome them as collaborators in this important project.

Also this morning, Ellen McGirt and I interview Lowe’s CEO Marvin Ellison on our podcast, Leadership Next (Apple/Spotify). He shared some interesting news about a new program Lowe’s is launching to get more products from small and minority-owned businesses on its shelves. Other news below.

Alan Murray

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