Good morning, Broadsheet readers! Marissa Mayer is back, a governor flips on a mask mandate, and a female CEO puts up a Fortune 500 first. Go get your Thursday!

– A Fortune 500 first. Regular readers will know that we’re in a habit of announcing new female Fortune 500s with a bit of fanfare—after all there are only 37 of them! But today’s new addition is a particularly unusual case.

Patti Poppe has been named CEO of PG&E, which, when we published the Fortune 500 earlier this year, was No. 189 on the ranking. However, Poppe’s new job won’t increase the number of women running Fortune 500 companies, since she’s coming to the gig directly from CMS Energy, No. 443.

Given the rarity of female leaders among these massive companies, going directly from one to another was, until this moment, unheard of. The last woman to come close … Read the rest

Shoppers are stocking up on festive groceries earlier than ever, with Asda yesterday reporting a surge in frozen turkeys and “lockdown-proof” items alongside a slowdown in quarterly sales.

The supermarket chain said that sales of Christmas trees had increased by 83 per cent, festive lights by 57 per cent, Christmas puddings by 71 per cent and mince pies by 44 per cent, compared with the third quarter of last year.

In a sign that families are preparing for smaller gatherings as social distancing restrictions may remain in place, sales of frozen turkey crowns, which serve three to four people rather than larger families, have increased by 230 per cent.

“After a rollercoaster year, it’s clear our customers are already planning for a very different Christmas,” Roger Burnley, 54, chief executive of Asda, said. “We have already seen a marked shift in buying patterns, with customers stocking up their freezers and … Read the rest

When Tien Tzuo joined Salesforce in 1999 as the then-startup’s eleventh employee, he witnessed “the dawn of SaaS,” or software-as-a-service. Offering on-demand software to customers on a subscription basis was founder Marc Benioff’s grand business innovation—and his golden ticket to unfathomable riches.

Instead of just selling a one-off software product, as Oracle, Benioff’s former workplace, did at the time, Salesforce would create a more intimate relationship with customers. “Our big realization was we actually can see how our customers are using our product, and we can understand that, and we can actually deliver more to them,” Tzuo told an audience of business executives at a virtual event hosted jointly by the Fortune CEO Initiative and Fortune Global Forum on Tuesday.

In other words, Salesforce would hook subscribers, collect data on people’s habits and desires, and then continually update the product. The speed of the feedback loop and the emphasis … Read the rest

With COVID-19 continuing to have a significant impact on all aspects of business, many of which have been unforeseen, a shareholders’ agreement has never been more important.

These agreements can provide for many eventualities, while the absence of a shareholders’ agreement opens up more potential for costly disputes and disagreements between shareholders.

Whether you’re a minority or majority shareholder in a company, it’s important to consider drawing up and implementing a shareholders’ agreement.

Dave Paterson, Partner in the Corporate Law team at Blacks Solicitors, discusses why businesses should implement a shareholders’ agreement and the benefits that will be returned.

‘Good Leavers’ vs. ‘Bad Leavers’

In Owner Managed businesses, a limited company’s shareholders and directors are often the same people. If a director or shareholder leaves the company, then the remaining shareholders may not want them to keep hold of their shares or have to pay market value to repurchase … Read the rest

Universal Pictures has struck another deal with a major theater chain to shorten the theatrical window from three months to as little as 17 days in an effort to adapt to the new business realities of moviegoing.

Universal and Cinemark announced Monday a multiyear agreement that guarantees three full weekends, or 17 days, of theatrical exclusivity for Universal and Focus Feature titles before a film can become available to rent on demand. Films that open to $50 million or more, however, will stay in theaters exclusively for at least five full weekends, or 31 days.

The Hollywood studio behind the “Fast & Furious” and “Jurassic World” franchises is the only major player to reach this kind of agreement with major exhibitors, who have until now clung to the standard 90-day theatrical window, but it is likely not the last.

Earlier this summer, Universal made a similar agreement with the nation’s Read the rest

Crowdfunding investors are flocking to back the launch of a revolutionary virtual networking platform, meeow.

The idea for meeow – where four businesspeople are brought together online and at random – was born during the first national lockdown.

The concept for safe, sustainable and accessible networking was proved after a UK launch in May and this month a Crowdfunder has been launched with a target of £150,000.

In less than two weeks almost £60,000 has been pledged by investors keen to launch meeow to a global networking market worth billions.

Meeow hosts four-person virtual hour-long meet-ups, known as meeows. The four participants are selected at random and come from a variety of SME business backgrounds.

Co-founders Chris Rabbitt and Simon Glenn launched meeow in response to demand from networkers who still wanted to connect with like-minded businesses and take advantage of new opportunities.

Chris said: “The success and enthusiasm … Read the rest

Good morning, Broadsheet readers! Gov. Gretchen Whitmer has some advice for how the Biden administration can work with state leaders, three Korean-American women are headed to Congress, and Kim Ng makes history in Major League Baseball. Have a powerful Monday.

– Home run . If you’re not a baseball fan, you may have missed a milestone piece of news on Friday: the Miami Marlins named Kim Ng their new general manager, making her the first female GM in the Major League Baseball.

By all accounts, it’s an appointment that has been a long time coming. Ng, who began her career in the sport as a Chicago White Sox intern 30 years ago, is the league’s longtime SVP of baseball operations and has three World Series titles and eight playoffs under her belt as an associate GM. She first interviewed for a GM job 15 years ago and has reportedly … Read the rest

Ireland is warning that no post-Brexit trade deal will be struck if the UK pushes on with a plan to break international law.

Tensions have ratcheted up following comments by senior figures in both governments ahead of another crucial week for negotiations.

Ireland’s foreign minister Simon Coveney told Sky News that should Boris Johnson persist with trying to override parts of the EU divorce deal, then a new treaty on the future relationship will be off the table.

“This is move week,” he said. “We’ve got to make big progress.”

But a senior minister in the UK confirmed that Mr Johnson will stick to his plan and keep the controversial parts of the draft legislation in place.

Peers have removed the offending bits of the Internal Market Bill, which included giving ministers the power to “disapply” parts of the with withdrawal agreement relating to goods moving between Northern Ireland and … Read the rest

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Mike Angevine lives in constant pain. For a decade the 37-year-old has relied on opioids to manage his chronic pancreatitis, a disease with no known cure.

But in January, Angevine’s pharmacy on Long Island ran out of oxymorphone and he couldn’t find it at other drugstores. He fell into withdrawal and had to be hospitalized.

“You just keep thinking: Am I going to get sick? Am I going to get sick?” Angevine said in a phone interview. “Am I going to be able to live off the pills I have? Am I going to be able to get them on time?”

His pharmacy did not tell him the reason for the shortage. But Angevine isn’t the only pain patient in New York to lose access to vital medicine … Read the rest

Tesco has apologised to its online customers unable to get on its website as the supermarket seeks to cope with high demand for Christmas bookings.

The UK’s largest retailer has had to install a queuing system online to help it to manage the demand.

Some customers complained to Tesco that they had been waiting hours to get onto the supermarket’s website.

“We’re sorry if things take a bit longer than usual,” Tesco said on its Twitter account.

“A lot of customers are using our website and app at the moment.”

Tesco said it was “using a virtual waiting room to help us manage the flow”.

Supermarkets have been overwhelmed with demand as people start to plan for Christmas, and rival Ocado has already sold out of slots after “huge” demand.

One Tesco customer said on Twitter: “We use delivery saver because we have 3 young children and both parents work … Read the rest